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Vehicle Diagnostics and Wheel Alignment in Reigate | Top 4 Car Safety Services

As a DVSA accredited MOT garage, our primary concern with any work we undertake is vehicle safety. We carry out MOT testing, vehicle diagnostics, wheel alignment, tyre replacements and car servicing in order to maintain roadworthiness in vehicles and to increase road safety in the Reigate area.


With more cars than ever on the roads, we want our Reigate customers to feel safe and confident as they go about their journeys.


Below, we have outlined common services we provide in the workshop of our MOT garage and how they maximise the safety on any vehicle.


  1. Car Servicing – Whether our Reigate customers opt for an interim car servicing or full car servicing, the thorough work carried out by our technicians remains integral to vehicle maintenance. The checklist for a full car servicing involves an inspection of every aspect of a vehicle to ensure it is performing at an optimal level. Our technicians conduct an oil and filter replacement, as well as checking the brake fluid, lights, windscreen wipers, battery, exhaust system, suspension and every other component and system. When car servicing is complete, the technicians in our MOT garage either confirm the fantastic condition of a vehicle, or recommend repairs that can make it so.

  2. MOT Testing – As a DVSA accredited MOT garage, our Reigate customers can be sure our MOT testing complies with all requisite government criteria. As an annual legal requirement, an MOT certificate proves a vehicle is roadworthy. Unlike car servicing, MOT testing focuses on the functionality of a vehicle’s systems. Used in conjunction, however, MOT testing and car servicing offer Reigate-based motorists complete peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their vehicle.

  3. Wheel Alignment – The steering system of a vehicle plays a vital role in road safety. From the steering wheel to the tyres, control of a car, van or minibus is integral. If the wheel alignment is off-centre, even remotely, Reigate-based drivers start to experience drag, trouble cornering and difficulty in maintaining a straight driving line. Incorrect wheel alignment results in tyres that don’t work in harmony. As a driver, not only is that uncomfortable, but greatly increases the risk of an accident.

  4. Vehicle Diagnostics – Every Reigate motorist dreads the illumination of a dashboard warning light, but they come on with very good reason. The ECU (an onboard computer) helps with engine function and alerts the driver to any mechanical faults. When a warning light illuminates, the likelihood is vehicle diagnostics checks are required. Vehicle diagnostics checks involves downloading faults codes to a computer directly from a vehicle’s ECU. The codes obtained through vehicle diagnostics checks outline the nature of the faults and allow the technicians in our MOT garage to advise our Reigate customers accordingly.


To discuss car servicing, MOT testing, wheel alignment and vehicle diagnostics in Reigate, please call our MOT garage on 01306 880 149.