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Affordable and Reliable MOT Testing and Car Servicing in Leatherhead

Are you looking for affordable, reliable garage services in Leatherhead? Station View Garage is a DVSA-accredited MOT garage providing car servicing, MOT Testing, vehicle diagnostics, tyre replacement and wheel alignment services. As a member of the Good Garage Scheme and the RMI, motorists in the Leatherhead area can rest assured that our competitively priced services remain entirely dependable.


We have clarified some of our more popular services with Leatherhead customers below.



Station View Garage | Popular Services


MOT Testing – As a DVSA accredited MOT garage, we undertake MOT testing on vehicles in classes 4, 5 and 7. This range of MOT testing includes:


  • Cars
  • Light Vans
  • Minibuses
  • Commercial Vehicles up to 3,500kg
  • Campervans and Motorhomes up to 5,500kg


MOT testing consists of basic safety checks on a superficial level. The technicians in our MOT garage do not disassemble parts or components, they only check their functionality.


By law, cars 3 years old and over must undergo MOT testing every 12 months in order to obtain an MOT certificate. If a vehicle fails the MOT testing, the MOT garage issues a VT30 certificate stating the reasons for failure.


If Leatherhead motorists resolve these issues at our MOT garage within a maximum of 10 days, the vehicle only requires a partial retest rather than another full MOT testing.


Car Servicing – Unlike the more visual MOT testing, car servicing involves a thorough inspection of parts to ensure their safety and optimum performance. There are two types of car servicing:


  • Interim Car Servicing – undertaken after 6 months or 6,000 miles
  • Full Car Servicing – Undertaken after 12 months or 12,000 miles


Car servicing plays a pivotal role in the ongoing maintenance of a vehicle. Small issues that appear during car servicing tend not to be high-risk. But when repaired early, these problems don’t become more complicated, and costlier in the future.


Vehicle Diagnostics – The vast majority of new vehicles now come fitted with an ECU (engine control unit) to aid in the monitoring of vehicle diagnostics. An ECU is an onboard computer that not only controls engine functions and systems, but also monitors any faults.


When an ECU detects a fault, a warning light on the dashboard illuminates. If our Leatherhead customers come to us with such an issue, our technicians begin vehicle diagnostics checks.


A specially designed computer is plugged into the ECU. During vehicle diagnostics checks, relevant fault codes are downloaded to the computer. With this information, our technicians isolate the problems and present repair recommendations to our Leatherhead customers.


Tyres and Wheel Alignment – When it comes to vehicle safety, very few things supersede the importance of tyres and wheel alignment. As the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, it’s vital that tyres remain in a good condition. The tread of a tyre not only provides grip, it also displaces water in wet conditions.


The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, but we recommend Leatherhead motorists change their tyres when the tread reaches 3mm. The further the tread depth recedes, the more vulnerable motorists become to hazards such as increased braking distances and aquaplaning.


Likewise, correct wheel alignment drastically increases vehicle safety. If the wheel alignment isn’t centred, cornering becomes difficult and Leatherhead drivers continually struggle to maintain a straight driving line. Incorrect wheel alignment also leads to accelerated tyre wear, which considerably shortens their lifespan.


For more information on car servicing, MOT testing, wheel alignment and vehicle diagnostics in Leatherhead, please call 01306 880 149.