Vehicle Diagnostics in Epsom | The Importance of a Healthy Vehicle

In our position as a locally-reputable MOT garage, we cannot over-emphasise the importance of maintaining the optimal health and performance of a vehicle. Every car and van is a machine made up of thousands of components that work in harmony. Knowingly allowing one to remain faulty jeopardises the performance of the entire vehicle. Station View Garage specialises in car servicing, MOT testing, vehicle diagnostics and wheel alignment services in order to keep our customers safe as they go about their business on the roads of Epsom.


The services we provide as an MOT garage, be it vehicle diagnostics or car servicing, help to preserve, and prolong, the condition of vehicles in Epsom and the surrounding areas. Not only is this the most cost-effective way to run a vehicle, it also greatly reduces the likelihood of stressful, time-consuming breakdowns at a later date.


Identifying Warning Signs


When it comes to identifying faults with vehicles, the two most common ways remain the illumination of a dashboard light and a change in the usual driving experience. Fortunately, when a dashboard light comes on, the work has been done on behalf of our clients by the vehicle itself.  All that needs to be done is visit your trusted MOT garage for a check-up. A change in the driving experience, however, requires Epsom motorists to be more vigilant and responsive to any differences in the handling and performance of their vehicle.


An illuminated dashboard light often indicates the need to undergo vehicle diagnostics checks. As the vast majority of modern vehicles come fitted with an ECU (engine control unit), our technicians can simply plug our state-of-the-art equipment directly into it and swiftly diagnose the problem.


This vehicle diagnostics process offers Epsom motorists a quick, efficient service that not only gets to the source of the issue behind the dashboard light, but also plays a vital role in uncovering underlying problems too.


Needless to say, it is imperative that our Epsom customers never ignore an illuminated dashboard light. Doing so only further compounds a small problem, which can lead to avoidable expense come the time for car servicing or MOT testing.


Changes in the handling can be sourced to numerous areas of a vehicle, with wheel alignment being a particularly common issue. Problems such as poor handling, trouble cornering, inefficient steering and the inability to drive straight can all be due to the incorrect wheel alignment of a vehicle.


Not only do these wheel alignment issues cause obvious dangers to our Epsom customers due to handling, they also cause tyres to wear at a far quicker rate, adding an often-unseen risk. In some cases, this latter issue isn’t uncovered until MOT testing or car servicing, when a significant amount of damage has already been done.


Naturally, in our role as an MOT garage, our technicians always strive to act proactively, not reactively. This underlines the importance of car servicing and MOT testing, as they identify small issues before they become larger, more expensive problems. Between them, car servicing and MOT testing cover every system and feature on a vehicle, so nothing goes unnoticed.


If you require wheel alignment, MOT testing, car servicing or vehicle diagnostics in Epsom, call 01306 880 149.